What is the PA Medical Home Initiative?

The PA Medical Home Initiative was founded when the U.S. Department of Health and Human services created a series of goals designed to "bring better health to all people in this country." The initiative was called Healthy People 2010. Several of the Healthy People 2010 goals are targeted specifically at improving care for CSHCN (Children with Special Health Care Needs) and YSHCN (Youth with Special Health Care Needs):

  • Children will be screened early and continuously for special health care needs.

  • Families of CSHCN will participate in decision making at all levels and will be satisfied with the services they receive.

  • CSHCN will receive regular ongoing comprehensive care within a medical home.

  • Families of CSHCN will have adequate public and/or private insurance to pay for the services they need.

  • Community-based service systems will be organized so families can use them easily.

  • Youth with special health care needs (YSHCN) will receive the services necessary to make transitions to all aspects of adult life.

Recognizing that the Healthy People 2010 goals could only be met by working together at federal, state, and local levels, the Maternal Child and Health Bureau (MCHB) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) provided funding to create the PA Medical Home Initiative (PA MHI).  PA MHI is one of several programs belonging to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a nonprofit organization specializing in pediatric advocacy.