Vacation with CYSHCN: Resources

July 16th 2013

SPEAK Unlimited, Inc. came up with a great "Vacation Premise Alert Form" that helps families and caregivers of CYSHCN provide critical medical and behavioral information to first responders when traveling away from home.  Read what SPEAK founder Susan Rzucidlo says about the form and get practical instructions on how to use it.  The form is both English and Spanish options. 


Download the "Vacation Premise Alert Form" and a Fact Sheet about using it below!


Special needs organizations and groups often have great resources for families of CYSHCN.  "News Moms Need' is a blog on the March of Dimes site that discusses topics of interest to parents of CYSHCN, including vacationing!  Check out this post about vacation preparation, guidelines, and advice.  


Do you know of additional resources about vacationing with CYSHCN?  Share them with us!