Featured Medical Home: Mount Nittany Physician Group Pediatrics

March 03rd 2014
Standing from left to right: Robert Huffard, MD and Elizabeth Nace. Sitting from left to right: Rosanna Corbin, RN and Cindy Bittner, RN.
Standing from left to right: Robert Huffard, MD and Elizabeth Nace. Sitting from left to right: Rosanna Corbin, RN and Cindy Bittner, RN.

Mount Nittany Physician Group Pediatrics: Creating Opportunities

We've selected Mount Nittany Physician Group Pediatrics to be our featured medical home!

Mount Nittany Physician Group (MNPG) Pediatrics is a Central Pennsylvania pediatric office housed within the larger MNPG practice group. As a whole, MNPG Pediatrics serves about 23-25,000 pediatric patients in the State College area in two locations - Bellefonte and Boalsburg. Their registry of patients with special needs diagnoses spans both offices.

MNPG Pediatrics has been active with our program for over four years, and since that time they have revolutionized care coordination at their practice. Helmed by Elizabeth Nace, Dr. Robert Huffard, Cindy Bittner, RN, Rosanna Corbin, RN, and Office Manager Kim Bressler, the team at Mount Nittany has incorporated parent input and open communication/collaboration with resources and specialists into the care they provide to patients with special needs. Mount Nittany has also recently joined the PA MHI Transition Initiative to partner with adult providers in their community. Rosanna Corbin leads that work at the practice.

Implementing the medical home model is different for every practice, so to learn more about the process at MNPG we reached out to Elizabeth Nace, the practice Care Coordinator. Liz highlighted the importance that team motivation has played into their success, as well as their willingness to engage with resources in their community. From partnering with Salvation Army to provide a needy family with Christmas gifts to hosting monthly team meetings about quality improvement initiatives, the Mount Nittany team has stepped up to the plate to become a comprehensive, dedicated medical home practice. But Liz said the most significant development in their journey to become a medical home came when they decided to host their first-ever care coordination meeting:

"It was the biggest step we've taken to become a medical home. We all came together in the same room with these parents to understand what we should do for the patient, their daughter. This included her doctors, her specialists, and school personnel."

According to Liz, the experience of engaging in dialogue with the patient's parents and medical team, as well as her specialists and educators, was extremely helpful for everyone involved in her care. "We could see it as a whole and see how each puzzle piece fits together," she explained. "Everybody gained a deeper respect for each other. The parents also really appreciated it. We need to take things one step further as a medical home."

In addition to the care coordination meeting they hosted, Liz and the MNPG medical home team have put together a health network-wide newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date about the practice's involvement in the PA Medical Home Initiative. "In the first [newsletter], I gave a brief history and explanation of the Medical Home program for anyone that was not quite sure of the background and what we really do back in our office," said Liz. Now the practice publishes their medical home newsletter every three months or so and features practice news, PA MHI events, and general updates.

We are thrilled to highlight the MNPG Pediatrics team as our featured medical home, and know that we can expect great things from them in the future!

Learn more about MDPG Pediatrics by visting their website.