MHI's Conference on Maximizing Outcomes of NICU Graduates

April 06th 2015

MHI's conference on Maximizing Outcomes of NICU Graduates was a great opportunity for pediatricians, parents, and NICU staff members to come together and share information and insight about the NICU experience.  A full agenda for the day can be found here.  Our learning objectives were that participants will: 

  • Recognize the post traumatic stress and post partum depression that many parents experience as a result of a high risk birth and NICU stay
  • Effectively transition the care of the NICU graduate/Premature infant to community based medical home care
  • Address many of the special needs of premature infants
  • Identify at least 2 community resources for premature infants and their families


Michael Hynan, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Hynan is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Following his son's premature birth in 1980, Dr. Hynan has devoted his career to helping the preemie community. For the past 20 years Dr. Hynan has traveled to numerous cities across the country to discuss the psychological issues that surround preemie parenting. He serves on such boards as the National Coalition for Prematurity, The Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care, the board of directors of The Perinatal Foundation and the editorial board of the Journal of Perinatology. Dr. Hynan is also the author of The Pain of Premature Parents: A Psychological Guide for Coping.


Keynote - Helping High-risk Parents Cope: Terror, Grief, Impotence, and Anger



Click here for a list of the resource organizations and representatives that shared information at the conference.  Additional resources are listed below and can be downloaded as PDFs.