Especially for Parents Monograph

This story was printed in EParent magazine in chapter form over nine issues. It was written to illustrate the medical home model of care. A medical home is described by the American Academy of Pediatrics as “a model of delivering primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.”

In the story, we meet a fictional couple, Amita and Samir, and their daughter Anjali. Anjali was born 11 weeks prematurely. She has some health complications from her early birth. In the early chapters, Anjali’s parents learn how to care for their daughter with special needs. Amita and Samir discover ways to partner with Anjali’s caregivers, to link with community resources, and to advocate for their daughter. As readers, we accompany Anjali from childhood to young adulthood. Along the way, we see how valuable the medical home model is for this family. We see Anjali grow from being the recipient of care arranged by others to becoming her own health care decision maker. 

Each chapter was written as a collaborative effort with medical home experts from around the country. Sidebars provide relevant information on resources, websites, and organizations throughout the story. We hope that you enjoy spending time with Anjali and her family and learning about the value of Medical Home.